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What kind of gift should I get my wife when our baby is born?

Question by offcrferg: What kind of gift should I get my wife when our baby is born?
My wife and I are expecting our first baby (a son) on June 1. I know I’m suppose to get her a gift for the birth (and Mother’s Day is coming up). Traditionally it is a piece of jewelry. Any suggestions or alternatives?

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Answer by Ang
I wish my husband would have done something like this!!! I would get her a spa gift certificate – massage, pedi, mani… something just for her!! It is going to be a very very stressful time for her. (and you but, she gave birth so she gets the spa :) Good luck with the little one, they are wonderful!!

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17 Responses to What kind of gift should I get my wife when our baby is born?

  1. Skidoo

    You are so sweet!!! All my partner got me was clothes for the baby!

    I think a piece of jewellery is a lovely idea. How about getting something with the baby’s birth stone? I’m still looking for a ring with my little girl’s birth stone because I’d like to wear something that has a connection to her.

  2. shayshay

    I would get something to help her rest…spa or something like that. Alos help all you can with baby.

  3. charlie

    Does your wife not like jewelry? I think it’s usually jewelry b/c every time she wears it – it reminds her of having her baby. Sentimental value if you will. I guess it depends on your wife. Has she hinted around about something she would like? In my opinion I would say go with the jewelry.

  4. CG

    Flowers are now acceptable as well. I got flowers with my first child, and with my second one I got a full day at the spa. You don’t necessarily have to do the “traditional” thing and give her jewelry. But if you want to, a nice bracelet, ring or necklace is what is appropriate. Go shopping now though and find what you think you’d like for her to have, it should have the birthstone of the baby in it. But don’t buy it yet, with a due date of June 1, she could have that baby in May. Just go get an idea of what you want to give her, pick out for both May and June, just in case. Once June 1 gets here you can go get it, but I’d wait just in case.

  5. R L

    try this site…

    i was given a mother’s bracelet when my first son was born…a bracelet with his name on it and i LOVED it. i


  6. Mrs. Robinson

    In England, on the birth of the first child, the husband is traditionally supposed to get his wife an eternity ring.

  7. porkchop

    If you would like to go against tradition, perhaps a gift certificate to a spa would be great. She just spent the last nine months carrying the baby, and would probably appreciate the pampering. Get her the whole works. The massage, the manicure, pedicure, everything that they have to offer. I would make it a separate gift than Mother’s Day, tho. For Mother’s Day, you could get her a gift that is from the baby. Or you could combine the two occasions and get her a “Mother’s” ring…with yours, hers and the baby’s birthstones. Congratulations on your first child.

  8. Batty

    I wish mine had thought like that.
    A pedicure would be nice since she will be able to see her feet again!

  9. momto3

    Well first of all, don’t forget the flowers!!! :o ) (Thanking her for all her hard work and being so devoted in bringing your happy healthy son/daughter into this world). That’s really all a girl wants!! Anything more is just extra brownie points and certainly never hurts!

    Second, since the baby isn’t here yet, no need to get her the piece of jewelry for mother’s day. Make it a small token like a card (they have the ones that are specific for pregnant women) and a picture frame that says “Mommy and Me”.

    When baby does arrive, you can always go get her that mothers ring or a pair of earrings with the child’s birthstone. I wouldn’t go purchase anything yet because of your due date being on the border of May and June. Wait to be sure. I’m sure you will get kudos for any piece of jewelry! Extra kudos for diamonds!! :o )

    I’m sure whatever you decide will mean a lot to your wife. Just be sure to do something. Those who forget or claim they were just to busy and didn’t have a chance – bums a girl out!!!

    You have the flowers ready at the florist and then when you call them to give the okay – they’ll be ready!! You can get that under wraps right now and it’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about. If you want to go the jewelry route when baby is here and want to have that all taken care of beforehand, then just don’t do anything with baby’s birthstone.

    Good luck!!

  10. Kimmy K

    You could get her a pendant with his birthstone. Then if or when you have more, you could add their birthstones to it and it would be like a mother’s necklace. I know that I would like something like that if it were me. I know some places have little bootie shape charms, or heart shape charms you con put on a bracelet or necklace that has a birthstone in it as well.

  11. Heather T

    You could get her a mothers ring and put all of your birth stones in it.When you go to the jeweler ask if you could help design it.Congratulations on your first child.God bless you and your family.

  12. fungbunny

    Many stores carry “Mother and Child” jewelry – usually an image of a mom holding a baby with a diamond set somewhere. You could also get her something with the baby’s birthstone. June is pearl or alexandrite, or if he decides to come early May’s birthstone is emerald.

  13. raven1

    how sweet you are and thoughtful. but i think you should make her a coupon book for little helpful things you can do for her and around the house. like a home cooked dinner, bubble bath. taking care of the baby so she can sleep, back rubs, go shopping for her. do laundry, dishes, use your imagination.. if you got a PC you can type up the coupons and make a pretty booklet to put them in tied with a ribbon. it would come from the heart and be more sentimental than any gift you could buy.. i like homemade gifts more than ones you buy they mean more to me that the person took time to make it .. Congratulation on the New Baby( life as you know it will change forever) in a good way..

  14. angel_wings295

    When i had my son, my partner bought me a ‘child ring’ and all it is…plain gold band, with a birth stone in the middle, on one side his name and on the other his date of birth.
    This was the best gift i could have got…

  15. dee2609

    I would find something she loves doing and get her a gift certificate or pay for her to do that something she loves. Anything that will give her a break and relax her will help. I think its great that you are planning this because most people only think about the baby (although very important) when its born and forget about the woman who did all the work and went through all the pain. Helping share the responsibilities with the baby also will be a great “gift” as well! Good luck with your first!!

  16. momfor4thtime

    I’m due June 4th. I want a bottle of Chardonnay and a straw!!

    Seriously, I think engraved things are nice — maybe a picture frame or a little wooden box or anything that won’t wear out and have engraved on there “thank you for having our son” or something more romantic/creative. I know I liked sentimental things and I liked being thanked, because having a baby is certainly worthy of some gratitude.

  17. Tono's gurl!

    buy her some flowers a “Mothers ring” that has hers your’s and the new little bundle of Joy’s birthstone in it you could also buy her a day @ a spa! every woman loves that after having a child.. Also offer to watch the baby while she enjoy’s her day @ the spa! good luck